The Happiest Cabin in Brisbane

The Happy Cabin, West End, exterior

What is there to do on a rainy weekend you ask? Ladies bring your boyfriend’s to visit The Happy Cabin at West End where the fun, summer camp cabin style interior will make you wish your house was as cool as this.

Leah, the owner of The Happy Cabin

When I asked Leah, the owner of The Happy Cabin, about her personal style, I got the best answer I have received so far: “My style is a little bit Disney, a little dorky, I love 90′s ironic sports wear. I dress for comfort and humour, and wear clothing that could start a conversation with a stranger”.

Clothing rack at The Happy Cabin

Adorable sandals at The Happy Cabin

Men's wear section at The Happy Cabin, West End, Brisbane

The guy’s section features these awesome Herschel backpacks and ASC. shoes!

Tiny Trees at The Happy Cabin

Store owner, Leah, says she loves anything that is homely, cosy and wants people to feel comfortable enough to take their time browsing. When she isn’t at home with a warm cup of tea she is scouring the globe for unique items that fit with the store’s quirky aesthetic. The products she stocks including: Saltwater Sandals, Evil Twin, Mr Simple (for men), Herschel backpacks and Something Else come from all corners of the world including New York, Iceland, Mexico and here in Brisbane.

The Happy Cabin has been in business for almost 1 year, a feat Leah is very proud of as she tells me that 90% of small businesses fail in their first year. That makes her store in the elite 10% of survivors and is the reason she has been planning a ‘beat the odds’ party, pretty much since she opened the store. Stay tuned to The Happy Cabin’s Facebook and Instagram to find out details!

Red Saltwater Sandals

My new Saltwater Sandals which I purchased from The Happy Cabin, so cute and comfy!

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