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Fellow Brisbane blogger, Amber Lowther showcases her relaxed style on her siteĀ Amber Avenue. In her final year of high school, to get a jump on her fashion journalism career, she created Amber Avenue to give herself an opportunity to write about fashion trends, runway shows and what inspires her.

BNE Style had a chat with Amber about her personal style and her dreams for a fashionable future!

Amber, Brisbane fashion blogger wearing Bardot clothing

5 Minutes With Amber

How would you described your personal style?

I am a bit of a chameleon with my style. I’m able to transition from masculine to feminine quite easily. I’m very casual and comfortable but love to get dressed up. I follow the trends but put a bit of a twist on them to make sure I’m comfortable and that it is “me”.

What are you wearing today?

I’m wearing Sportsgirl, One Teaspoon, Sabo Skirt and Bardot!

What are your favourite shopping destinations?

At the moment I’m loving Bardot, Sportsgirl and General Pants. For online I’m loving Beginning Boutique.

Who is your style icon or someone that inspires you creatively?

I am obsessed with Elle Ferguson’s style from They All Hate Us. If I had to describe my exact taste in clothes and my ideal style, it would be like hers! I’ve also taken a lot of inspiration from Lauren Conrad over the years. She was my first go-to style icon while transitioning from high school into university life.

Why did you start your blog and what do you love about fashion and blogging?

I started Fashion Avenue because I didn’t want to have to wait to have a fashion journalism degree to write about fashion. I’m quite impatient when it comes to my career and because I want it so badly, I thought I would start early. I’m now studying Journalism and Fashion and I believe having my fashion blog is a great creative outlet. I love sharing who I am and what my style is!

What else are you passionate about (besides fashion and blogging)?

I love experimenting with make up and actually have a YouTube channel (amberfashionavenue) where I do videos on make up and fashion. Apart from that, I love sport. It was always a big part of my life growing up and it’s something I will always love and have a passion for.

Amber, Brisbane fashion blogger wearing Bardot cami, shorts and shoes

Amber, Brisbane fashion blogger wearing Bardot clothing

Amber, Brisbane fashion blogger wearing Bardot clothing
Brisbane blogger Amber wearing Sportsgirl jumper and one teaspoon shorts

sportsgirl jumper and one teaspoon shorts on Brisbane blogger Amber

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