Shakah – Meet The Designers and Clearance Sale

Shannon and Katie - Shakah designers

Shannon & Katie, the designers behind Shakah. Shannon is wearing a Kookai dress and purple Doc Martens and Katie is wearing the Shakah Style Queen dress.

Art and fashion at the clearance sale

Shakah Reina - maxi dress

Shakah Reina – maxi dress

Urban Queen Shakah Dress

Yesterday I went to meet the ladies who design gorgeous clothing for their label Shakah at their summer clearance sale which ends today at Green Door Cafe (which pairs art and coffee masterfully in a comfortable space).

What struck me about this label (and why I had to purchase a dress and post about it) was the brightness of the colours and the light, breathable fabrics, which are great for our hot and sticky summer. The ladies said they imbued their collection with a feeling of empowering women and increasing their confidence when wearing their dresses.

The ladies said they will be designing a small winter collection and then concentrating on their new summer range. I asked how they would get inspired for the new collection and they said they look at a wide variety of sources from other designer’s inspiration and shapes and patterns found in nature and art. I look forward to seeing what they will create next!

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