River Dreaming with Amber of Fashion Avenue

amber brisbane fashion blogger

This is my second collaboration with Amber of Fashion Avenue, the last was shot in October 2013, when the beautiful spring flowers were in bloom.

I love the simplicity of Amber’s outfit, just 2 colours. This made it easy to find red and white flowers to match her outfit and add an extra pop of colour.

amber brisbane fashion blogger

Don’t take life too seriously, laugh A LOT.
- Amber

amber brisbane fashion blogger

Catching up with Amber

What are your must-have items for autumn?

Knee-high boots and anything grey!

What are you wearing today?

I’m wearing a top from Pemba Boutique, my shorts are from Forever New and my shoes are Windsor Smith.

Who is another blogger you admire and why?

Maiden Sydney. I love her style and love that she posts regularly. We’re actually related which is pretty cool!

Top 3 goals you are looking to achieve this year?

Fashion – I have some really amazing collaborations planned with my blog and am really excited to see how it grows this year, as I hit my 3 year mark in April!
Travel – I’m travelling to the Greek Islands mid-year and am also hitting up Barcelona, Paris and Amsterdam.

Fitness – My best friends and I bought Nike’s to motivate us to work out (haha), so I would love to get a bit stronger this year.

Life – With life, I’m really understanding a lot of things that I couldn’t wrap my head around a year ago. I’m learning patience and I know what I want in all aspects of my life. Also, I am loving uni. I’m just really happy! It’s important to always be yourself and be a good person.

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