Meet The Creative: Brisbane Writer, Freya Wright-Brough

freya brisbane creative writer

Are you yearning to be more creative, and make the most of each day? Freya Wright-Brough doesn’t shy away from this challenge, she is participating in a 365 day writing challenge to motivate herself to be creative every day with the help of her social media followers!

Why did you decide to start the 365 day challenge and how can people get involved?

People say if you’re a true writer you should write every day, so I devised a challenge to force myself to do this. People can follow me @freyawriter, or just look at the website

Is it difficult to stay motivated? And what techniques do you use to combat writer’s block?

I am a practiced procrastinator which is why I constructed the challenge the way I did. It’s impossible to make excuses and procrastinate when loads of followers are watching your progress. The idea of letting people down is a very good motivator.

I guess I use adrenaline to combat writer’s block. When I am drawing a blank the pressure of only having a few hours till I need to upload the story always kicks me into gear.

freya brisbane creative writer

What inspires you creatively?

Conversations with friends. Comedians. Art. Music. I’m not sure there’s one source I can pin point. It only takes a tiny idea or a moment, and then weeks later I won’t be able to stop thinking about it.

Which writes do you look up to?

I’m mainly a script writer so my favourite writers are all screenwriters such as Paul Laverty or Jesse Armstrong & Sam Bain. But I can never go past J.K. Rowling as my favourite actual author.

What does 2014 hold for you?

The majority of my year long challenge, going back to uni to do honours, and a trip to India!

freya brisbane creative writer

What are you wearing and how would you describe your personal style?

A lacy dress from one of the shops in the Elizabeth Arcade.

I’d love to say something awesome and specific like ‘Roman post modern Gothic’ but I guess my style is a bit retro, a bit nerdy and sometimes just plain daggy.

Where do you love to shop?

Any clothes stores without scary fluro displays. Shoe stores like Wittner or Zomp are dangerous to my bank account, and my second home is the ABC store.

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