Meet the Artist: Brisbane Designer and Illustrator, Tiffany Atkin

brisbane illustration and design tiffany atkin

“I think travel is a great source of inspiration and motivation. Your mind is so active from navigating your way around, I think it opens you up to new ideas and thinking outside your usual headspace.”
- Tiffany Atkin

Tiffany Atkin is a talented Brisbane based designer and illustrator. I first saw her work at the Ladyfest Viva La Femme art exhibition and I was struck by it’s vibrancy and strong feminine style. If you love what you see, check out Tiffany’s website, own one of her amazing art prints (available on Society6) and follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

I spoke to Tiffany about her inspirations and her love of Japanese culture.

tiffany atkin artist flamingo and pineapple

Where do you find creative inspiration?

As well as my love of Japanese pop culture, I am inspired everyday by so many things around me; colour, texture, the female figure, street art, abstract shape.

Artists like Bec Winnel (who I was lucky enough to meet recently – she is as lovely as she is talented!) for her incredible pencil portraits and rad attitude, Raphael Vicenzi (aka mydeadpony) for his statement digital art, Conrad Roset and Kat McLeod both for their simplistic use of watercolours, collage and the female form, Audrey Kawasaki for obvious reasons, Bei Badgirl for her sassy-cute mermaid gals, Rone for his drippy goodness, Richard Kern for his captivatingly odd photographs of women… to name just a few.

I am also lucky enough to call some very talented artists my friends and colleagues – they constantly inspire me both as an artist and as a human.

tiffany atkin's design studio space

How cute is Tiffany’s creative space?

gem lapin by artist tiffany atkin

You have said you’re heavily influenced by the time you spent living & working in Tokyo, what did you love about Japan?

I have always been drawn to Japan, it is an incredible place. I think travel is a great source of inspiration and motivation. Your mind is so active from navigating your way around, I think it opens you up to new ideas and thinking outside your usual headspace. I found new direction in my work there and was lucky enough to collaborate with some pretty talented people.

Japanese design aesthetic is pretty different, so working on jobs like gig posters and album covers was a lot of fun and taught me a lot. I also really really love salmon onigiri – it’s the best snack. Japanese convenience stores sell it for about $1.50 a pop! We need more onigiri in Aussie 7/11s! Aussies would LOVE it. Just sayin!

Meiji-Dori Night by tiffany atkin
Meiji-Dori Night print available on Society6.

How would you describe your personal style?

I’d say my illustrations are an eclectic mix of japanese-flavoured inky lines, watercolour wisps, aerosol speckles, vintage fabric and all sorts of paper scraps…

Is your personal style as colourful as your art?

I tend to wear ‘splashes’ of colour rather than head-to-toe neon saturation… My decor taste is probably a little more colourful – I have many trinkets and tidbits and sentimental nik-naks from my travels.

bubbles balloons and attitude by tiffany atkin

Do you have any shows or collaborations coming up?

At the moment I am working on some book-cover designs for a Gallery in Japan, and one of my textile designs was just accepted by a big-name US clothing brand. It sounds a bit naff to say I can’t talk about it but I have been sworn to secrecy until it’s released! I believe it will be printed on a range of women’s swimwear – I’m very excited for it to launch as pattern/textile design is something I’d like to do more of in future.

I will also be featuring in the upcoming Viva La Femme show at Lust For Life gallery next month!

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