Kijaro – Vintage Treasures And Unique Fabrics

Kim from Kijaro vintage stationary and clothing

Kim from Kijaro is a lover of all things vintage, she spends her weekends rummaging through forgotten homewares and knick knacks to bring her customer’s a collection that would make any vintage lover drool.

Kim also collects the stories of each item’s history to pass on to their new owners, giving each piece a greater sense of worth.

She also loves to create items like accessories (such as bowties) using vintage fabrics. A love of printing (from studying fine art and printmaking at uni, and dabbling in book binding) leads her to create handmade cards and invitations. These photos were taken at the Love Vintage Show where she was an exhibitor.

Bowties made from vintage fabrics

Bowties made from vintage fabrics, what more could a dapper young man (or woman) need!

Vintage shoes and ribbon

Vintage suitcases

These vintage suitcases fill me with a yearning to take off around the world!

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