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BNE Style spoke to Lucy Glade-Wright, one of the co-founders of Melbourne based online store, Hunting For George about how she and her sister (Jo Harris) started their store and what keeps these talented ladies inspired.

Why did you to start Hunting For George?
Jo and I have always talked about starting up a shop together and I guess one day the talking turned into action. That was 3 years ago now and we’re both so glad that we took the plunge!

Hunting for George was started by sisters Jo and Lucy, is it difficult working so closely with your sibling?
Actually it’s quite good because most of the time we know what each other is thinking which makes it very easier to work together. Plus if we happen to get angry at each other we don’t really have to worry about offending each other. We bounce back to normal pretty quick.

strawberry stockings and love and hate earrings at online fashion boutique

Love Hate create endlessly beautiful must have products”.

kip and co bed spread and peaches and keen clock

How would you describe Hunting For George’s aesthetic?
A friend of mine once called us ‘Wholesome hipsters’ I’m not quite sure if I’m comfortable with the term hipster but we’re definitely wholesome. Our signature Hunting for George lifestyle brand (cactus clock pictured above) is quite classic and fresh. Our stunning Kip and Co collection (bed spread pictured above) is very playful and fun. Our Alice Berry prints are hilariously funny and Love Hate (adorable accessories and stockings pictured above) create endlessly beautiful must have products too.

What do you look for when sourcing new brands / products for Hunting For George?
We always look for things that we haven’t seen before. And try to seek out high quality products that have the ‘wow’ factor.

peaches and keen earrings

What are your favourite spring items?
Without a doubt our Love Hate petite hanging vase, perfect for spring to display all your beautiful fresh flowers! We also love our Peaches and Keen Cream and Gold earrings, perfect for the spring racing carnival and wedding season.

Who are your style icons / someone who inspires you?
We’re constantly inspired by the people around us. We have a lot of creative friends doing amazing things. Some of our favourites that keep us inspired are Cos We CanJonno Rodd, Santiago Sunbird, Peaches and Keen.

All images supplied by Hunting For George.

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