Frock Paper Scissors Magazine 2013

frock paper scissors 2012

Frock Paper Scissors cover 2012 (left) and The Quintessential Woman from a 2012 shoot photographed by Hayley McGill (right).

Frock Paper Scissors is the annual fashion / lifestyle publication created by the students at the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane. The magazine is produced by students within the Creative Industries faculty and this year’s editors are Catherine Keating and Brittany Meale. Publishing Frock Paper Scissors offers students the opportunity to gain experience in magazine production, to create pieces for their portfolios and showcases fashion editors, stylist and photographers to put on the watch list!

Frock Paper Scissors will be launching its eighth issue, One But Many, on November 21 2013, keep an eye on their Facebook page for more details.

“One But Many seeks to encapsulate the authenticity and raw beauty of Australia, its landscapes and its creative inhabitants”
- Catherine Keating

frock paper scissors 2013 launch

Frock Paper Scissors campaign launch October 24 2013 at the QUT Kelvin Grove campus.
Frock: Emily Lang, paper: Jacqueline Connors, scissors: Diyanti Camilla, photographer: Sophie Jeays

5 Minutes with the Editors of Frock Paper Scissors

What can we expect from this year’s issue?

Frock Issue 8 celebrates Australia and its diversity – paying homage to our uniquely diverse homeland and it’s creative inhabitants.

Environment sustainability in the fashion industry is a hot topic at the moment, will there be any coverage of this topic?

In light of the devastating Rana Plaza collapse, we’ve looked into corporate social responsibility and it’s importance in today’s fashion word. Similarly, the online team have brought this closer to home, investigating how Brisbanites are tackling these issues with recent sustainability event, Undress Brisbane.

Can you name any of the designers or photographers that will be featured in the upcoming issue?

Without giving too much away, Frock has aimed to diversify it’s approach to Australian fashion. Readers can expect everything from Brisbane locals like Alexis Dawn and Lack of Colour, to established Australian greats like Easton Pearson. You’ll have to pick up the issue for more!

How do you feel about the fashion industry in Brisbane? Do you think it’s growing and how do we compare with the rest of Australia / Internationally?

There’s no denying Brisbane is no match for the fashion meccas of the world; but in comparison to the likes of Sydney and Melbourne, we are definitely catching up. We believe Brisbane is a little underestimated when it comes to it’s contribution to the fashion world. All you have to do is look at the recent success of Lack of Colour – both nationally and around the world – to see we really do have a lot to give.

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