Flamingo Fling for ROMM Magazine

ROMM Magazine cover may 2014 Brisbane digital magazine

Thanks to Brisbane’s ROMM Magazine, my photo was featured on the cover of their May 2014, party issue! Full editorial images coming soon…

In the meantime I asked editor, Zara Duffy a few questions to discover more about her digital magazine and creative inspiration.

5 Minutes with Zara Duffy, editor of ROMM Magazine

Why did you start ROMM Magazine?

I started ROMM as another creative outlet for Brisbane creatives. So often we hear about the art and culture of other cities, but not of our own!

As the editor of ROMM what do you look for in submissions?

I look for submissions that are unique, fit the theme, and were made by young creative with something new to offer!

What inspires you?

It sounds very cliche, but I am inspired by everything! Studying photography and art at university taught me how to be inspired by arbitrary things, as well as looking broadly for inspiration in fields other than your own.

What is your creative outlet?

My creative outlet at the moment is the label I’m working on!

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is a mix of op shop, vintage and local labels.

How would you describe Brisbane’s creative aesthetic?

Brisbane has a very interesting creative aesthetic – it is constantly changing. There are so many exciting newcomers alongside many well-established creatives, so it is quite balanced as well!

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