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Autumn in Paris

yolanda in paris in autumn

On a cold, overcast weekend in Amsterdam we hopped on a train to Paris. From Amsterdam it’s only 3.5 hours and the time flew by, sending the world into a blur of flat countryside and the occasional cow.

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Abbotsford Convent & Collingwood Children’s Farm, Melbourne

abbotsford convent melbourne

On a recent trip to Melbourne I had the opportunity to visit the Collingwood Children’s Farm and Abbotsford Convent¬†and see some amazing autumn colours that Brisbane’s trees rarely show.

The beautiful old buildings of Abbotsford Content have been 60% restored and, even as a work in progress, it’s inspiring to know the site is now inhabited with studio and office spaces and venues for performing arts. On the fourth Saturday of each month the convent hosts a Slow Food Farmers’ Market and there are several permanent places to eat such as vegetarian restaurant Lentil as Anything which trades on a ‘pay-what-you-want’ model.

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A Birthday Weekend Frolic in Melbourne & the Yarra Valley

chandon at thechandon yarra valley in melbourne

My birthday is the day after Australia day so I always take advantage of the long weekend and go on an adventure! This year our friends Sean and Sandy had just moved to Melbourne so it was the perfect excuse for a visit. On our arrival the weather was initially cool but by the Monday it had heated up to 37 degrees, it really was four seasons in one weekend!

One of the highlights of my birthday was visiting Domaine Chandon, a beautiful estate of rolling green hills and grape vines as far as the eye could see. We went on the tour of their facility to learn about how they make their sparkling wine (you can’t call it ‘champagne’ unless the wine is from the Champagne region in France!) It was interesting to see the different parts of the process and stand in the eerie quiet of the cave-like room where they store the vintages, a room also lined with riddling racks (for clarifying the wines).

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Mini Beach Break – Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast


I had a short but lovely beach break at Burleigh Heads and did a little location scouting for an upcoming shoot which I’m excited about!

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Travel: Sydney’s Bondi Beach and The Historic Rocks District

nicole in the park in sydney

The second part of my Sydney trip involved visiting my close friend Nicole (pictured above), who was my housemate while living in Toronto. Nicole is a nurse in Paediatric Intensive Care and is very passionate about her patients. She is also an amazing baker who has made many delicious birthday cakes including a s’mores cake and the most delectable black forest cake I have ever tasted!

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Travel: Sydney and The Surry Hills Markets

julie at markets sydney

julie at markets sydney

I am currently in Sydney visiting my American friend, Julie (pictured above). She has great personal style, is especially fond of vintage shopping and isn’t afraid to take risks with her clothing.

Julie is a passionate ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher who is also fluent in Spanish and loves to travel (we met in Peru!) Her love of baking delicious cookies and cooking in general makes visiting her such a pleasure.

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Weekend Getaway – Melbourne

Brisbane blogger in Melbourne

3 days in Melbourne was not enough! Although it rained on the first two days and was cold and windy on the third (my Portmans coat pictured above kept me fashionably warm) I can’t help but love the character of this city. I could have spent the weekend just exploring the streets and taking photos of the many beautiful old buildings and discovering the street art hidden in each alley.

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