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I Feel It All Editorial for Whim Magazine

brisbane fashion photographer nature editorial mirandalee intimates

I found this location six months ago and thought it would be perfect for an early morning shoot, which are more accessible during the winter months as the sun rises later (I’m not really a morning person). It was a small team, only three of us, Ally Dunlop (talented stylist, hair and makeup artist) and gorgeous model, Holly Susan Leong, who I had not met before the shoot, but I had seen her sassy style on the runway at Undress Brisbane.

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Flamingo Fling

flaming fling editorial by brisbane photographer yolanda van kimmenade

Summer may have gone for the moment, but we’re pretty lucky in Brisbane that our winter’s are very mild. This shoot was for ROMM magazine and I was so excited that one of my images was chosen for the cover! It’s always fun working with models who let their beautiful personalities shine through in their pictures. And if you can’t tell we had a lot of fun on this shoot playing with balloons and our always faithful flamingo friend!

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Inner City Pressure

inner city pressure fashion editorial by yolanda van kimmenade

The blue and purple tones of the urban environment and clothing, made it fun to experiment with different colours in the editing for this shoot with the gorgeous Mary Hecker.

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Get a Clue

get a clue brisbane fashion editorial sitting on the bleachers

A little bit Clueless, a little big Gossip Girl and a whole lot of fun! A preppy style fashion editorial which was a creative playground for me to explore a different style. This shoot, with the fabulous Ally Dunlop stylist, was a chance to poke fun at the girls who would be likely to say “you can’t sit with us”.

So drink your juice box and enjoy our sweet little editorial.

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Late Night Bar Fight for Like a Lion Magazine

brisbane fashion photography
Although I love working with natural light, I thought it was time to do something more edgy and push my personal boundaries. I enlisted the help of stylist extraordinaire, Ally Dunlop and we set about finding a location and clothing to compliment our theme.

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Beach Daze with Harriette Hill

harriette hill drape jacket beach photography Brisbane

Last year I interviewed Claire Goldworthy who is the designer of Brisbane based, sustainable label, Harriette Hill. Her designs have been featured at Fashion Fridays and Undress Brisbane and uses a range of repurposed, antique, new and natural fabrics to minimise her environmental footprint.

Harriette Hill’s vintage, floral patterns on flowing dresses spoke to me of a hot, summer afternoon at the beach, with a light breeze blowing the soft fabric and the golden sun glistening on tanned skin.

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Citrus Crush

Brisbane blogger Ashleigh

My first shoot for the year features the gorgeous Ashleigh from The Blonde Silhouette, looking fresh in a bright yellow maxi skirt that co-ordinated perfectly with the beautiful roses at New Farm Park, Brisbane.

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Looking Over Her Shoulder

looking over her shoulder brisbane fashion editorial

A gothic tea party set in an Alice in Wonderland inspired garden, where a tea party turns sour when it’s a fight to the death for the last cupcake!

When the white queen and the dark queen meet there is always conflict, light wants to shine and dark absorbs the light. Can they resolve their differences to make it out of Wonderland?

these are mine with brisbane blogger the blonde silhouette

If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrary-wise; what it is it wouldn’t be, and what it wouldn’t be, it would. You see?
- Lewis Carroll

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