Autumn in Paris

yolanda in paris in autumn

On a cold, overcast weekend in Amsterdam we hopped on a train to Paris. From Amsterdam it’s only 3.5 hours and the time flew by, sending the world into a blur of flat countryside and the occasional cow.

We arrived to equally cold and overcast weather in Paris but we were not to be deterred because after all, we were in Paris!

We found our accommodation, dropped our bags and set off to explore. There was a touch of sun in the late afternoon as we crossed the Sine but it didn’t last long.

We spent our time tracking down delicious coffee, I would recommend La Cafeotheque de Paris, for it’s laid back vibe and tasty coffee. Ben wasn’t keen to see the Eiffel Tower, but rather to traverse the city on foot, and by metro to discover it’s hidden gems. It sparkled with christmas lights in the evening bringing us closer to the understanding of a white christmas.

This weekend was just a taste and we definitely plan to return in warmer seasons.

buildings along the sine river in paris

pais alley

vine coloured buildings in paris

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