Animal Instincts

Forcast Linda Belt Shift Dress in peacock blue

With a title like that I bet you thought I would be featuring animal prints. Instead, the furry friends I visited at Alma Park Zoo recently inspired me to create this collection influenced by the beautiful colours in their fur and feathers.

The peacock is a fashion statement in itself. They have so many beautiful coloured feathers, this electric blue shift dress epitomises the peacock’s ability to turn heads. Don’t expect to go unnoticed in this little number!

Ginger and Smart denim skirt

Koalas are my favourite furry fauna and this mum and her joey were adorable and inseparable. This Ginger and Smart skirt steals their great combo of light and dark grey colours, for a sliming colour blocked bottom.

carly hunter striped pants winter style Brisbane

The ring-tailed lemur’s most identifiable feature is its fluffy striped tail. In these Carly Hunter striped pants you can be as comfy as mr lemur while rocking his stripy style.

Something Else Silk Spotted Blouse Brisbane winter fashion

The eastern quoll is also known as the eastern native cat, and is just as cute as a sleepy kitten. This white spotty blouse uses white on white for a subtle metallic pattern with my favourite Disney characters’ style collar.

Toi et MoiLa Salaire LS Dress inspired by red panda colours

If this dress was not inspired by a red panda I don’t know what is. Orange and white on the top and black on the bottom, it’s uncanny. I love the sweetheart neckline on this dress and even though it’s short, long sleeves means you can convince yourself this is a winter dress!

Animal photos and words by Alisha van Kimmenade.

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  1. I love how you styled this post! Very cool idea and well put together x