A Day at the Beach with Be Bitko

Be Bitko clothing designer

I recently had the great pleasure to work with Be Bitko Clothing to shoot their lookbook at the Gold Coast. The weather was less than ideal but the cloudy skies ended up making the bright colours of the clothing pop even more.

This Brisbane based label produces an array of functional and fashionable bags that can be worn around your waist and matched with different coloured shorts to suit your style and mood.

Be Bitko shorts and bags perfect for a festival

Be Bitko beach shoot - summer fashion at the Gold Coast

Be Bitko fashion shorts, fashion designer from Brisbane

Be Bitko fashion designer from Brisbane makes adorable shorts

Summer looks with light tops

I spoke to Emily Bitkow, the designer behind Be Bitko Clothing, about how she got started and what inspires her.

How did Be Bitko start?

Be Bitko started over 2 years ago from my love for fashion, love of PR and marketing and interest in running my own business.

The idea for the label was brewing for a while and started with testing out the idea for a fashionable bum bag by tying one of my bags around my waist at a festival. After receiving many compliments I decided to start developing my idea and making prototypes. I love the idea of mixing and matching these fashionable bags with comfortable shorts for a hands free, fun festival day.

Be Bitko Clothing is made locally and I have no plans to send my operation overseas. I love being able to turn around new ideas quickly and get them out to my customers for them to give me feedback on the colours and prints and therefore reduce waste. Rather than do collections I like the flexibility to regularly bring out new colours and styles.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Pinterest is a major source of inspiration, as are fashion magazines. Sometimes ideas just come to me – the yellow birds of paradise print was created from a desire to be bright and colourful. The label is about focusing on colour, excitement and freedom and it needs to look great in a festival environment.

How would you describe your style?

I love being different, a lot of my clothing is custom made by a family friend who is a seamstress, I would say my style is classic, vintage and a little bit edgy, because I love chunky jewellery.

Who is your style icon / someone that inspires you creatively?

I love Sass and Bide and aspire to be as quirky and successful as them. Everything they produce is amazing and I have several of their pieces in my wardrobe.

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