A Birthday Weekend Frolic in Melbourne & the Yarra Valley

chandon at thechandon yarra valley in melbourne

My birthday is the day after Australia day so I always take advantage of the long weekend and go on an adventure! This year our friends Sean and Sandy had just moved to Melbourne so it was the perfect excuse for a visit. On our arrival the weather was initially cool but by the Monday it had heated up to 37 degrees, it really was four seasons in one weekend!

One of the highlights of my birthday was visiting Domaine Chandon, a beautiful estate of rolling green hills and grape vines as far as the eye could see. We went on the tour of their facility to learn about how they make their sparkling wine (you can’t call it ‘champagne’ unless the wine is from the Champagne region in France!) It was interesting to see the different parts of the process and stand in the eerie quiet of the cave-like room where they store the vintages, a room also lined with riddling racks (for clarifying the wines).

Of course being a trip to wineries there was plenty of wine to be tasted and bottles to purchase! We also went to the Blueberry farm and winery (where we purchased a fortified Blueberry wine) and the White Rabbit brewery for lunch. Happy birthday to me!

chandon yarra valley

Sandy, Sean and I standing near the vineyard!

chandon yarra valley

Did you know… planting rosebushes near the grapevines offers an early warning of problems as roses are more susceptible to diseases.

chandon at the yarra valley in melbourne

chandon yarra valley

shopping in melbourne

Sandy, in her new outfit purchased from Princess Highway the previous day, peering into an antique store that was unfortunately closed, but had such an amazing door! We were intrigued…

at st kilda beach on australia day

Australia day at St Kilda beach, with a sunny sky and cool breezes blowing across the water. The locals were out partying in their summer clothes (although we Queenslander’s thought it was still cool). There was a large speaker playing the Hottest 100 and one of my favourite songs from last year, Reflektor by Arcade Fire made it into the top 20!

Ben and I had so much fun with our friends Sandy and Sean and we will definitely be back soon, you haven’t seen the last of us Melbourne!

sandy at st kilda beach on australia day

st kilda beach melbourne

st kilda beach melbourne

mens fashion at the beach st kilda melbourne

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